I see, I filter, I shoot

I remember the day the world became clear – I was three and had just received my first pair of spectacles. I sat in the car staring out the rear window, in awe of the vast blue sky, of the way the sun hit the crisp leaves, of the road whizzing away behind me.  I realised then that we each have a unique way of seeing the world.



Natalie Sternberg is a commercial photographer for the architecture, design and tourism industries. In her personal works she explores place, space and travel and our relationships to them. 

Natalie graduated from Rhodes University in 1999. She  went on to study and live in Memphis, Tennessee and eventually moved to  London where she spent 15 years working as a commercial photographer and photography tutor. Her work has been published in many magazines including Conde Nast Travel, Observer  and Wired and has  been exhibited  in group shows at 4Corners Gallery and Prelude in London. She now lives and works in Cape Town. 


Robert de Jager - Architect

Lee Broom - Product designer

4M Group - Architects

Camilla Lindfors - Interior designer

Vera Farrants - Designer

Hels Angels - Events agency

White Label - Marketing & PR Agency

Maxxium - Marketing & PR Agency




Square Meal

Vintage Life 



Conde Nast Brides

Conde Nast Travel

Town & Country


Worcestershire Life

Numerous advertising brochures and billboards


Zoe Lem


Red Bull


Johnsons & Johnsons


Tate Britain

Tatty Devine